Contemporary stained glass


Artist : Didier Sancey
with Alice Sancey.
Assistant:Anne Sancey
2011 - 2013
Stained glass windows, church of Noisy-le-Grand
Winning project, 2011, realized in 2013


Client: City of Noisy-le-Grand

Architect: M. Mester de Paradj

Realization: Ateliers Loire.


Catalog of the exhibition at the Centre international du Vitrail in 2014 -2015, 


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In the projects of Noisy and Wallers, the monument defines the rhythm of the large color fields of the stained glass windows and their light.

The technique used, the lead stained glass, allows to obtain these bright and perennial colors with " antique glasses " in coherence with the existing stained glasses.

In these two projects, the lead networks are constituted by two wefts, one geometric and the other fractal. Their density and rhythm depend on the position of the stained glass windows in the monument.


Here, in Noisy, the abstract stained glass windows of the three lancets of the choir are at the origin of this project and order the whole space of the church. The iconography summons remarkable works borrowed from history. 

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this window was walled up, then discovered during the restoration of the church.